*Page under development*

Below is a list we are developing of useful human-animal related organisations. If you are a compassionately oriented group towards both humans and other animals, feel free to send us details of your group or program and we can add it to our list.

Information on links between human and animal directed violence and abuse.

National Link Coalition

Family Violence and the family pet (information explaining the dynamics, by the Australian Veterinary Association)

Lucy’s project

My Saving Grace


Human-Animal Relationship Research

Animals in Society Working Group is a research and education focused group based at Flinders University. Scholars and human-animal practitioners are welcome to join. For more information see the website.  The general public are welcome to join our Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/AnimalsInSociety/about/


Animal Assisted therapy and Education

Delta Therapy Dogs

Humane Education programs offer diverse groups of people the chance to develop (deeper) empathy with (other) animals are offered across Australia. For instance, see the Victorian RSPCA Education Program


Examples of domestic violence accommodation services that assist with companion animals

Northern Domestic Violence Service (northern suburbs, SA)

WestConnect Domestic Violence Service (NSW)

Safe Pets, Safe Families (SA)

Pets in Crisis, DV hotline

The Safe Beds for Pets and associated programs, such as Safe Kennels Project operate in most states of Australia now. Click for the SA and NSW examples.


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